Lesson 24: Owen & Mzee

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Leveled Books:
Lesson 24 Circle:Flying into History
Lesson 24 Triangle:Helen Keller’s Lifelong Friend
Lesson 24 Square:Champions on Ice

Vocabulary Reader:
Lesson 24:Dangerous Waves

Worksheets Lesson 24

Practice your Vocabulary!
Owen and Mzee Video (2:58)

Official Owen and Mzee Website

Scholastic Lessons and Activities

National Geographic – Tsunamis 101 (vocabulary reader) (3:27) Preview first! It does show a few people being swept away.

Wright Brothers First Flight, 1903 (leveled reader) (3:08)

Helen Keller – Her Amazing Story (leveled reader) may need to pause and paraphrase often (7:10)
Destination Reading Compare and Contrast

Compare and Contrast Video (2:00)

Electric Company Video on -ly (2:13)
Comma Song by Grammar Rock (4:20)

Comma Rules explained by Albert Einstein Video (8:13)