Lesson 23: The Ever-Living Tree

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Leveled Books:
Lesson 23 Circle:Plants of the Redwood Forest
Lesson 23 Triangle:Life Among the Redwoods
Lesson 23 Square:Gentle Redwood Giants

Vocabulary Reader:
Lesson 23:Forever Green

Worksheets Lesson 23

Practice your Vocabulary

Exploring the Redwood Forest – Plants and Animals – National Geographic (5:02)

Muir Woods (Redwood Forest) Tour (4:31)

Redwoods: The Tallest Trees (1:28)

Exploring Redwoods Video (6:18)

Background: Video on Redwoods made by kids

National Park Service: Redwoods Website (great resource)

Text Features Slideshare Presentation
Authorstream Text and Graphic Features

Quia Prefix Hangman game

Quotation mark/punctuation music video (3:04)