Lesson 17: The Right Dog for the Job

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Leveled Books:
Lesson 17 Circle:Animal Doctors
Lesson 17 Triangle:A Rural Veterinarian
Lesson 17 Square:Helping Wild Animals

Vocabulary Reader:
Lesson 17:Animals Helping People

Worksheets Lesson 17

Practice your Vocabulary

Ricochet Service Dog Video (5:15)
Destination Reading Sequence of Events Tutorial

Destination Reading Summarizing Tutorial

The Rescue Sequence of Events Worksheet
A Real Cool Cowboy Sequence of Events Worksheet
Sequencing Worksheet

Planets in the Solar System Main Idea and Details Worksheet
The Louisiana Purchase Main Idea and Details Worksheet
The Wonderful Wizard of Oz Main Idea and Details Worksheet

After the Fire Sequence of Events and Summarize Worksheet
Transportation Workers (Main idea and Summarize) Worksheet

Grammar Snap Video: Adverbs
Grammaropolis Adverbs Video (3:56)

SchoolHouse Rock Adverb Video (3:23)

Adverb County Fair Song

Learnzillion Lesson on Adverbs (3:45)

Adverb (how, when, where) Worksheet
Adverb #2 Worksheet
Adverb #3 Worksheet

Possessive Nouns Worksheet
Possessive Nouns Worksheet #2