Lesson 16: Riding Freedom

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Leveled Books:
Lesson 16 Circle:Elizabeth’s Stormy Ride
Lesson 16 Triangle:Perilous Passage
Lesson 16 Square:Come to Nicodemus

Vocabulary Reader:
Lesson 16:Stagecoach Travel

Worksheets Lesson 16

Practice your Vocabulary

Stagecoach Explained (3:10)

Stagecoach Driving (1:26)

Compare and Contrast Worksheet
Personification video (4:42)

Simile, Metaphor, and Personification Worksheets (pgs. 1-6)

Adages and Proverbs used in movies (1:07)

List of 50 Proverbs/Adages and their meanings

Grammar Snap Video: Adjectives
Learnzillion adjectives lesson

Schoolhouse Rock Video (3:00)

Adjective Worksheet

Collection of Adjective Worksheets